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Are you searching for a “plumber near me” in New Braunfels, TX, that you can truly trust? Well, Local Plumbing LLC, a family owned and operated venture, is your ideal stop where you can get a licensed and insured master plumber. With 13 years of experience in this industry, we have been offering both residential and commercial plumbing services to our clients with quality workmanship at affordable prices. We efficiently handle emergency plumbing issues as well and offer you same-day service with a two-hour window for your convenience.

Being a reliable business that values relationships with our clients, we offer you our expert opinion after thoroughly examining the plumbing needs. For this, we provide you with proper knowledge of these issues so you can make a sound decision between repairing and replacing.

So, explore the services of our plumbing business near you, in New Braunfels, TX, for a trustworthy experience.


Explore Our Plumbing Services In New Braunfels, TX


We at Local Plumbing LLC help in cleaning your clogged drain through procedures like hydro jetting and drain snakes, where our experts insert a heavy duty drain auger cable inside the affected pipe. This cleans the insides of the pipe and restores its proper flow, which we check by running water.

Repair And Replacement Of Faucets And Garbage Disposals

Providing emergency 24/7 services, we first identify and address the problem, like the leaking faucet can be caused by worn-out gaskets, corrosion in the valve or loose o-rings. Along with this, garbage disposals may have a jammed disposer, which may need immediate attention. After this, we provide you with the repairs and replacement services for your faucets and garbage disposals for better performance and increased efficiency.

Leak Detection And Repair

The New Braunfels plumber at Local Plumbing LLC detects leaks through tools like infrared cameras and acoustic sensors. Through this, our professional plumber can pinpoint slab and yard leaks occurring through ground movement and shifting of the pipe. For these problems, our experts will use effective repair methods to ensure this issue gets resolved effectively.

Water Heater Repair And Installation

The main cause behind water heater tank failure is usually the high water pressure issues regarding the thermostats, tank and heating elements. This is where our plumbers’ expertise in Tankless Water Heaters, Pressure pressure-reducing valves, and Hot water Recirculating Pumps plays a significant role, which they use during repairs and installation.

Water Softeners – Repair or Install

Concerned about hard water in New Braunfels, TX? With our Water Softeners, used to remove calcium and magnesium, you can prolong the life of all your appliances and fixtures. This can improve the quality of water and reduce the scale buildup in your pipes.

Sewer Line Services And Repair

Local Plumbing LLC’s plumber, New Braunfels, offers you services that include inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement. We do not simply clean or repair the sewer line for a temporary fix; instead, we indulge in free camera inspection to identify the main issues like root intrusion, pipe damage, and blockage. For this, we offer you a permanent, efficient solution that can save you cost and time.

Why Choose Us In New Braunfels?

24/7 Emergency services

Our experts understand that emergencies don’t follow a specific schedule, which is why we offer 24/7 plumbing service, where our plumbers respond immediately and efficiently to any last-minute emergency.

Accredited By Third-party platforms

Accredited With an A+ rating at BBB (Better Business Bureau), Local Plumbing LLC also has a 5-star rating on Google and other third-party sites, including Yelp and Facebook, given by our happy customers. Our compliance with industry best practices, commitment to clients, and excellence are reflected through these ratings, proving our reliability and dedication.

Professional And Licensed Plumber Experts

Our professional team of licensed plumbers in New Braunfels, TX, have the essential credentials and experience. They possess the required skills to deliver the best plumbing services for your convenience.

Discounts To Senior Citizens

We value all our customers, including the senior community, which is why we offer the seniors some special discounts as a gesture of how much we value them.

Transparent Pricing

Our professional team, including Justin Lee (the owner and the operator of Local Plumbing LLC), believes in complete transparency and fairness, especially when it comes to prices. With us, you will only get competitive prices where there are no unexpected costs or hidden fees, making our high-quality services more trustworthy and affordable.

Our Other Service Areas

In addition to  New Braunfels, TX, Local Plumbing LLC proudly serves in the following areas:

Schertz, TX

Cibolo, TX

San Antonio, TX

With us, you are assured of working with the best plumber in Schertz, plumber in Cibolo, or other locations at an affordable price. So, contact us through a call at (210) 978-3995 or email Justin@LocalPlumbingLLC.net to acquire the best services for your plumbing needs!

Justin Lee Owner


Are your plumbing services available 24/7 for emergencies in New Braunfels?
Yes, our plumbing services are available 24/7 for both residential and commercial emergencies in New Braunfels, TX.
Can you detect and repair hidden pipe leaks in walls or underground?
Indeed, Local Plumbing LLC specializes in detecting and repairing hidden pipe leaks in walls or underground.
Do you offer water softener repair or installation services?
Absolutely, we do offer water softener repair or installation services.
Are your plumbers licensed and insured?
Yes, our professional team of plumbers is licensed and insured.
Can you help with kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that involve plumbing work?
Of Course, we can help with kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that involve work related to plumbing in New Braunfels.
Do you provide plumbing services in other areas apart from New Braunfels, TX?
Yes, we do provide plumbing services in Cibolo, San Antonio, and Schertz.


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